Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Excerpt from a short script called "Craving".

This is a short screenplay and would be approx 10 minutes long. It's about a woman called Kelly who gets major chocolate cravings. Here it is.

Kelly walks into the kitchen and goes to a cupboard with a
piece of paper stuck to it. "Chocolate". She open the
cupboard door, but there is no chocolate in the cupboard.
She stands on tiptoe and sees a small bar of chocolate at
the very back. She tries to grab it but can’t quite reach


She grabs a chair and stands on it. She grabs the chocolate
bar and leaps off the chair.

Sweet, sweet chocolate. How I have
missed your soft and luxurious
taste. How I have missed your
beautiful creaminess. How I have
missed your - for Christs sake!

As she was saying those words she opens the chocolate bar,
only to discover it was just a wrapper.

Oh, chocolate god! Stop taking the

She walks out of the kitchen.

If you are interested in the outcome of Kelly's story or if you want to see the rest of the script, you could leave a comment! If you ask nicely I might e-mail the completed version to you.

Caroline x

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