Thursday, 30 June 2011

Excerpt from a short script called "The Walk Home".

This is a very basic script where the only spoken words are from the narrator. My English teacher told my to write about what I know. Therefore, I wrote about walking home from college. "TWH" is short and sweet. Maybe about 5, 6 minutes long.

People with dogs, people playing, people walking, people on
bikes, people sitting talking, people sunbathing.


Walking their yappy dogs, chucking
an old red Frisbee around, playing
a game that seems to have no rules
or winners. I wanted to join in, but I had to
get home. My parents would worry if
I wasn’t back soon.

A ball is booted over towards GIRL by a mixed group of
youngish people playing football. One of them jogs over to
GIRL, to get the ball.


Sometimes, a ball would come
heading my way. I would kick it
back, not looking at the person
running towards me. Maybe to thank
me. To smile at me. To ask me my

GIRL looks away. Not in an unkind way, just the way you
would with anybody.


I would avoid all eye contact. I
didn’t want to look like a

An old couple is sitting on a bench with their legs wrapped
in a blanket and a sandwich each. They are chatting to each
other and smiling.


Old couples sitting on a bench,
talking to each other. Do they have
children? Grandchildren? A pet?

The layout is (I believe) different from how it usually it, but that's how life is. Leave a comment if you want to read more, etc, etc.

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